Availability of materials

At Construplace we try to ensure that all items sold on the platform have immediate delivery, that is, our partners usually have them in permanent stock.

It is logical to think that not everything can be available in stock, for this reason and to give you the best possible service, there are exceptions in which the materials are not in stock but we give you the opportunity to purchase them to save you the work you have to do. to look for them, request a price, etc.

Items that are classified as follows:

Regular stock: The items are usually in regular stock, except for some specific exceptions in which a break is generated. In this case we will inform you immediately and offer you an alternative.

1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks, 3-4 weeks: these are the weeks it takes for the item to be available to be loaded from the warehouse and then sent to its destination.

At Construplace we take the service to our users very seriously. If you have any ideas for us to continue improving, please send us your proposal. This is the only way to make a tool adapted to your needs.