L'outil parfiat pad for flat sanders 200x200 MM


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Description of the Pad l'outil parfiat for flat sanders 200x200 MM:

Compatible with ErgoLiss flat sanding wedges, the foams allow pressure and suction to be distributed during sanding. They have two self-gripping sides, for quick and easy changing. You can add the abrasives and the special mesh for plaster and light plaster.

Package contents: 1 ErgoLiss flat block of replacement foam.

Characteristics of the pad l'outil parfiat for flat sanders 200x200 MM :

Product Type: Abrasive Sanding Block
Length: 200mm
Width: 200mm
Grain size: P20
Usage: Sanding
Material to be sanded: Plaster
Surface Type: Flat Surface
Features: Vacuum Cleaner

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