Banjo Edmaplic + EDMA corner applicator head


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Description of Edmaplic banjo + EDMA corner applicator head:

The Banjo Edmaplic + EDMA corner applicator head allows the simple and fast gluing of joint strips.

Simultaneous application of tape and coating saves a lot of time.

Ergonomic handle and adjustable side strap for improved grip.

The Banjo Edmaplic + EDMA Corner Applicator Head features toothed wheels for easy application.

Built-in wheel for gluing the strips in the corners, easy to fold.

The infill flow can be adjusted in 5 steps to apply the correct amount of infill to the tape.

Filling the uncoiler with a syringe is made possible by the opening cap and side hooks that hold the dispenser onto a plaster bucket.

Maximum capacity of the plaster compartment: 1.8 L.

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