Toughbuilt C700 Portable Workbench/Easel


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Toughbuilt C700 Portable Easel/Workbench Description:

The Toughbuilt C700 Easel/Portable Workbench is durable, strong and offers unmatched value. Built 100% in high quality steel, this sawhorse has a remarkable capacity of 590 Kg by itself, and 1180 KG. per pair.

Transform 2 sawhorses into a sturdy workbench - features support arms that adjust to fit 2x4s or 4x4s. The legs of the Toughbuilt C700 Portable Sawhorse/Worktable are extendable, allowing the sawhorse to work in any terrain. It includes innovative cutting pins and material support that allow cutting materials safely and easily. It also features stable, easy-fold feet for use on any surface. With a quick-release mechanism, setting up the Toughbuilt C700 Portable Workbench/Easel is straightforward and easy. Zinc and powder coated steel prevents corrosion and withstands harsh environments. This folding easel includes a handle for effortless portability and rolled edges for safety and comfort.

  • 100% steel construction
  • Work table
  • Support arms adjust to different sizes of lumber
  • 1,300 lb. capacity each, 2,600 lb. per pair
  • height adjustable legs
  • Material support and cutting pins
  • pivoting feet
  • Powder coated and zinc plated surfaces
  • easy carry handle

Toughbuilt C700 Easel/Portable Workbench Dimensions:
Closed position: 1,011 x 130.05 x 139.95 MM
Open, low position: 1,011 x 545.6 x 635 MM
Open, high position: 1165.09 x 694.94 x 815.08 MM

Weight: 10.45 kg

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