Extra-adhesive glue PATTEX PL premium 300 ML


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Description of the extra-adhesive glue PATTEX PL premium 300 ML:

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Extra-adhesive premium glue with immediate action.

Attributes: immediate support of up to 3 50 Kg /m2. Solvent free. Of direct application. It adheres to most elements, regardless of their porosity. Good resistance in vertical extensions. Lets paint over. Waterproof.

It adheres to all types of wood, metal, stone, ceramics, plaster, plaster, concrete, cork, plastic, high-density expanded polystyrene, Porexpan, mirrors*, plastics**, rigid PVC. Other supports must be previously tested.

Great versatility; The extra-adhesive glue PATTEX PL premium 300 ML adheres to a multitude of surfaces.

Single sale.

300 ML per bottle.

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