Makita Z Plasterboard Cutter


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Description of the Makita Z Drywall Cutter:

Practical battery-powered Makita Z plasterboard cutter with suction socket.

• 18V battery-powered plasterboard cutter, suitable for making slots. Also ideal for cutting wood. 

• Great precision in straight cuts.

• Its dimensions make the work more comfortable and simple.

• Suction socket, ideal for roof work.

• Adjustment of the depth of cut to adapt it to the plate to be cut.

• Variable cutting speed, thus facilitating the start of the cut.

• Charge indicator, allows you to know the battery charge.

• LED lighting on the front, illuminates the work point. useful in all work situations.

The Makita Z Drywall Cutter is powered by a Lithium ION battery.

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