Heliarc ADVANCE contoured metal tray


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Description of the contoured Heliarc ADVANCE metal tray:

The range of Heliarc metal trays are made with a contoured bottom for a perfect adaptation to the hand, in addition to allowing the extraction of the pasta from the tray in a clean and easy way.

The ends and sides of the Heliarc ADVANCE Contoured Metal Tray have conical, completely smooth finishes.

Special Heliarc welding prevents leaks.

The top edges of the pans are cut for cleaning spatulas.

In this range there are two types of trays differentiated by the inclusion or not of an anti-slip gripping device.

We have the following models and sizes:

Heliarc Contoured Trays (Without Anti-Slip Base):

Ref. 10HR - 25.4 CM (10”)

Ref. 12HR - 30.5 CM (12”)

Heliarc ADVANCE contoured metal tray (With non-slip base):

Ref. 10HRG - 25.4 CM (10”)

Ref. 12HRG - 30.5 CM (12”)

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