Spatula de l'outil parfait 0,4MM Decoliss for smoothing


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Description of the spatula de l'outil parfait 0.4MM Decoliss for smoothing:

Spatula de l'outil parfait 0.4MM Decoliss for smoothing. Rounded edges with large radii prevent any marking and reduce the time required for finishing sanding. Thanks to its 0.4 mm hard blade, it can also perform plastering or floor leveling work. Its extra light weight and its ergonomic handle will provide you with more comfort and a better grip.

Available in various sizes.

Characteristics of the spatula de l'outil parfait 0.4MM Decoliss for smoothing :

-To smooth flat surfaces

-I deal for machine straightening

-Smoothing and finishing of sheet metal and plaster joints

-Very light, it guarantees maximum comfort and multiplies the performance of your work

-Its rounded edges avoid unnecessary marks and shorten the time to finish the job

-With it, you can forget to repeat the application

-You can finish quickly and efficiently with a single application

-The blade is made of high quality stainless steel

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