HYDE Full Metal flexible stainless steel spatula


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Description of HYDE Full Metal Flexible Stainless Steel Spatula:

HYDE Full Metal Flexible Stainless Steel Spatula For professionals seeking a joint knife that is easy to maintain and exceptionally durable, Hyde is pleased to introduce our new line of all-metal tools.

Available in four standard widths, these professional-quality knives feature a hollow-ground blade designed for the perfect flex.

The HYDE Full Metal Flexible Stainless Steel Joint Trowel features the all-metal design favored by many professionals, and includes a hammer head for driving nails and nail holes.

Hyde stainless steel trowels are fully rust resistant and easy to clean.

Each knife features: - Stainless steel handle and blade - Durable construction - Flexible hollow grain blade - Hammer head handle - Guaranteed forever - Available in 4", 6", 8" widths and 25.42 cm.

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