Smoothing spatula l'outil parfait thickness 0.3MM


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Description of l'outil parfait smoothing spatula thickness 0.3MM:

The 0.3MM thickness l'outil parfait smoothing spatula has an ergonomic handle that guarantees a perfect result with minimal effort. The blade is stainless steel. The specially rounded corners with Bi-Flex technology guarantee perfect smoothing without "scratching".

The bi-flex technology gives it great flexibility and makes it an ultra-resistant blade to abrasion.

Special range of blades for tiling and rinsing, for manual or projected application, both on small and large surfaces.

It can be complemented with the extensible aluminum handle from the Parfait'Liss range

Leaf density; 0.3mm.

Available lengths of the l'outil parfait smoothing spatula thickness of 0.3MM; 15/25/35/45/60/80/100CM.

It is sold together with a protective plastic sheath for the blade, which protects it during transport and storage.

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