Hand-operable INDEX M6 expander


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Description of the hand-operable INDEX M6 expander:

Download technical sheet here .

To expand anchors with internal thread.

Diameter Ø6.

Made with A4 stainless steel.

Hardness from 44 to 48 HRc.

Characteristics of the hand-operated INDEX M6 expander : -Installation by deformation and operation by friction. -Flush mount with female thread (inside) -Expansion by hitting the expansion cone of the anchor cap.  -For use in concrete and stone of solid consistency. -For medium loads. -Manufactured in galvanized steel and stainless steel. -The anchor is supplied without screw. -The fixed object can be disassembled without any problem. -Ideal for areas where it is necessary to remove fixings and leave a clear surface for circulation (shops, tents...)
Application of the hand-operable INDEX M6 expander : -Installation trays. -Fixing pipes. -Ventilation ducts. -Railings. -Metallic profiles. -Diamond cutting tools. -Bars. -Fire sprinklers.

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