Can-Am Nycor Nylon Corner Finisher


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Can-Am Nycor Nylon Corner Finisher Description:

Can-Am Nycor Nylon Corner Finisher Features:

Uniform Body - Sculpted from unbroken Nylon, this design is one of a kind. No screws, no springs, just mastery of Nylon.

Nylon 6 - Selected after rigorous testing for a smooth glide and the familiar springiness of CanAm flushes.

Precision Tabs - Reproduce CanAm's iconic trade secret for a reliable, first-class finish.

Springless Plug - Hear the CanAm *click* as the flusher attaches to the handle, allowing you to finish from any angle.

Wave Spring Technology - The patented design ensures just the right amount of stiffness throughout the machine to create a consistent finish.

To maintain a consistent finish, be sure to replace your NyCor trowel when the edges are worn.

Can-Am Nycor Nylon Corner Finisher Additional Information

Weight 0.36kg
5.5 × 7 × 1.5in
Available sizes

2.5”(6.35cm), 3.0”(7.62cm)

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