STANLEY non-slip tape measure 5M X 28MM


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Description of the STANLEY anti-slip tape measure 5M X 28MM:

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Characteristics of the STANLEY non-slip 5M X 28MM Flexometer:

Mylar coated tape.

Reinforced "real zero" hook.

Recoil lock system.

Non-slip strips for slopes up to 42º.

The tape holds 3 meters without bending.

Clip to attach this product to the tool belt

Offers comfort and durability.

Length : 5mm.

Width : 28mm.


  • Anti-impact closure technology.
  • Reinforced hook to improve the accuracy of all measurements.
  • It also has an antireflex Nylon cover that gives it greater resistance and protection.

  • This item includes a durable shock-resistant casing with a rubber coating.

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