Blade for WOLFCRAFT trapezoidal blade cutter 5 pcs.


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Description of the WOLFCRAFT trapezoidal cutter blade 5 pcs.:

5 professional trapezoidal blades, with TiN coating for a duration 4 to 5 times longer than the rest.

long durability

It includes:

5 units wolfcraft professional trapezoidal blades, TiN coated for 4 to 5 times longer service life and durable cutting, in a storage box 0.65 x 61 mm

Characteristics of the blade for trapezoidal cutter WOLFCRAFT 5 pcs.

blade length 61mm
blade thickness 0.65mm
Material/coating characteristics TiN coating
blade material HCS
blade type trapezoidal blade
Other product specification Sharp on both sides
in storage box

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