Smoothing kit for l'outil parfait plates


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Description of the Smoothing Kit for plates of l'outil parfait:

A complete range to smooth your plasters at high speed, without excess, for large surfaces and for finishing and raking plaster strips and plasterboard.

The blades in the l'outil parfait plate planing kit feature the latest Bi-Flex technology. They are flexible and resistant to abrasion. They allow smoothing without streaks and without loss of plaster thanks to their rounded edges. They are very useful for concrete and plasterboard surfaces.

The ParfaitLiss extendable extension handle is useful for ceilings, walls and floors. It features a cam lock system, a swivel head, and is easy to adjust.

Characteristics of the Smoothing Kit for plates of l'outil parfait:

  • For smoothing large surfaces at high speed, without losing plaster and reducing sanding work.
  • Blade with Bi-Flex technology, flexible and ultra resistant to abrasion.
  • Professional quality carry case

    Contents of the Smoothing Kit for l'outil parfait plates:

    • ParfaitLiss' finishing blades: 25, 35, 45 and 60 cm

    • Stainless steel spatulas : 10 and 15 cm (15 cm with screwdriver)

    • Extendable extension handle : 2x0.6m

    • Storage and transport case

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