Can-Am Nycor Corner Finisher Kit


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Can-Am Nycor Corner Finisher Kit Description:

Shipped in a durable box, the NyCor Base Kit is the result of years of development by the team at Can-Am Tool Corp.

NyCor finishes present the following innovations:

Uniform Body - Sculpted from unbroken Nylon, this design is one of a kind. No screws, no springs, just the mastery of Nylon.

Precision Tabs - Reproduce CanAm's iconic trade secret for a reliable, first-class finish.

Wave Spring Technology - Patented design ensures just the right amount of rigidity throughout the finishing machine to create a consistent finish.

The Nycor Can-Am Corner Finisher Kit is ideal for beginners and professionals alike:

There is no better corner finisher to coach your team!

The Nycor Can-Am NyCor Corner Finisher Kit handle is a perfect addition to your NyCor finisher, and is versatile in application:

Ergonomically designed, the Nycor Can-Am Corner Finisher Kit can be used by hand for easy access corners;

For those hard to reach places, the handle is designed to be a friction fit.

If you have a drywall or paint pole, CanAm has designed FAST adapters to convert those poles to handles for NyCor finishers and rollers.

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