Extendable Decoliss handle de l'outil parfait 2X0.7M and 2X1M


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Description of the Mango Decoliss extensible de l'outil parfait 2X0.7M and 2X1M:

To see, coat, smooth and sand at height, L'Outil Parfait offers you the DecoLiss Extension Handle.

the Extendable Decoliss Handle de l'outil parfait 2X0.7M and 2X1M is compatible with all products in the DecoLiss System and ErgoLiss range. Like the sanding blocks, the vacuum hose, the lamp and the DecoLiss handle to mount your planing blades.

The ergonomic grip is non-slip for comfort and the cane locks with a cam-lock system for speed. The tip is a tapered female head and has a tab attachment system.

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