Conical extendable handle de l'outil parfait 2X0,7M/2X1M


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Description of l'outil parfait tapered extendable handle 2X0.7M/2X1M:

Conical extension handle of l'outil parfait 2X0.7M/2X1M. It is equipped with a clip that prevents its uncontrolled removal. Extension lengths 2 x 0.7/1 m.

The conical extendable handle of l'outil parfait 2X0.7M/2X1M facilitates and accommodates the work. The product is made of lacquered steel tubes, and has a quick-lock system by turning. The head with a clip prevents rotation and detachment of the roller handle. Supports loads up to 1.5 kg, for example a weighted roller.

The RollEnduit handle, from the French professional manufacturer of caulk accessories L'outil Parfait, is designed for applying caulk with a roller on ceilings and higher surfaces.

L'outil Parfait's tools are leaders in their category, they are a must for any professional.

-Fits all RollEnduit holders
-Aluminum processing
-Tapered head
-Fixation System

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