Non-extensible Tapetech box handles


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Description of Tapetech non-extendable box handles

The finishing box is controlled by specially designed handles, ranging from 1m to 2m, allowing finishing heights up to 4m from the floor.

The handle is attached to the finishing box by sliding the box over the handle and firmly tightening the wing nuts.

There are only two settings on the handle for finishing boxes. First is the adjustment screw located on the pivot arm, which can be screwed in or out to adjust the width of the brake clamp handle.

Then there is the aluminum ball located in the handle, which can be moved up or down the handle to make it easier to use the finishing box.

Maintenance Thoroughly clean the unit with a brush and water (or a water hose) to remove all joint compound from the tool. After the tool is clean and dry, lightly oil the threads or contact points with Ames® Bazooka® Oil or any light machine oil.


  • Anodized aluminum handle
  • adjustable grip

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