5M universal suction hose of l'outil parfait


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Description of the 5M universal suction hose of l'outil parfait:

For dust-free sanding, L'Outil Parfait offers its ErgoLiss suction hose. It is light, flexible and resistant.

Its suction connection is universal and waterproof. It can be combined with the Clip'System pole or the flat corner sanding head, which can be drilled or manually actuated.

The hose is light and very flexible, as well as having great resistance that makes it difficult to deform.

It comes equipped with a universal cone-shaped sleeve on the vacuum connection part, which allows the hose to be connected to a vacuum cleaner. It also includes a tip that can be connected to the end of the extension handle with suction system from the Ergo'Liss range.

The length of the hose is 5M.

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