Bubble level 90 CM double modulation 400/600 MM EDMA


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Description of the spirit level 90 CM double modulation 400/600 MM EDMA:

This 90 centimeter rectangular aluminum level has magnetic notches that allow you to calibrate the distance of the uprights at 40 and 60 centimeters.

The notches are all 40.7 millimeters wide.

The level detects the studs behind the sheetrock with the markings on its side.

This 175155 EDMA level for plasterboard has a vertical and a horizontal bubble. Both are made of solid acrylic and are epoxy sealed for impact resistance.


With magnetic notches for calibrated distances of 40 and 60 cm.
Notch width: 40.7mm.
Spot the studs behind the drywall with markings on the side of the level.
2 solid acrylic epoxy sealed jars: 1 vertical and 1 horizontal.
Machined surface.
Shockproof jars.
Precision: 0.5mm/m.

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