90 CM EDMA level with XL magnetic grooves


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Description of the 90 CM EDMA level with XL magnetic grooves:

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Ideal for straight/verso uprights.
Rectangular level of 90 cm in aluminium.
900 g/m profile that gives it great resistance
Pattern for the installation of the uprights: distance of 40 and 60 cm.
The 76mm slots accommodate studs of any kind, including straight/verso and F530.

Studs should be positioned against the left edge of the slot to ensure accurate spacing.

Integrated handle.

2 solid acrylic vials, sealed with epoxy :
- 1 vertical vial also visible from the front with mirror effect
- 1 horizontal vial
Milled surface.
Shock resistant vials.
Precision : 0.5 mm/m.

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