Beissier QuickJoint joint paste-Sets in 1 hour


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Description of Beissier QuickJoint Joint Paste-Forge in 1 hour:

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Quick paste for sticking tape and finishing joints between plasterboards.

Ideal for difficult mounting conditions, with high humidity and low temperatures.

Its setting time of 30 minutes makes it the ideal paste for works that require quick execution.

For indoor use.


  • Its short setting time allows it to be reworked quickly and dries faster in cold and humid environments.
  • Suitable for thin and thick layers, with very little risk of shrinkage or erosion.
  • It contains resins that give it excellent adhesion.
  • Its special additives allow you to mix quickly, homogeneously and without lumps, giving the paste the right consistency and viscosity for the job.
  • Controlled granulometry that ensures a fine finish.
  • Facilitates sanding.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Use time of 1 hour.


Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC.

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