Wolfcraft prop max. height 290 CM - load max. 30KG


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Wolfcraft prop description max. 290 CM - load max. 30KG:

The extendable handle and a pump mechanism for precise adjustment allow you to secure plates weighing up to 30 kg safely and easily.

The fixing plate holds the plasterboard in place without damaging the surface of the material.

The ceiling support is extendable from 1.6 to 2.9 meters, so it covers all standard room heights.

In this way, you can fix even the largest panels to the ceiling effortlessly and without having to use a second person.


  • Allows one-handed installation of drywall on ceilings and sloped areas in all standard room heights
  • Precision adjustment via pump mechanism for a secure hold
  • Load capacity of up to 30 kg for the secure fixation of large plates
  • Coated fixing plate to protect the surface

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