Nylon refill for charge and finish roller Q2 de l'outil parfait


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Description of the nylon refill for charge and finishing roller Q2 de l'outil parfait:

Roll'Enduit sleeves are useful for covering and filling joint bands. They are splash resistant and easy to clean.

Its high-quality fabric reduces application time up to 3 times and facilitates its applications and smoothing, giving it a result without excesses. Thanks to the 18mm black polyamide fibers, it absorbs more plaster to make fewer fillings and return the plaster evenly.

The bags can be used for ready paste coatings, airless and roller coatings. If you want to use them for your powder coatings, choose those that are drying and flowable, rather than setting.

Recommended by Major Coating Brands: Airless Machine Coating, Roller Coating, Powder Coating

The 80mm refill (987080) is useful for filling in thin edges.
The 180 mm refill (987180) is for filling on both sides.
The 220 mm refill (987220) is used to coat large surfaces.

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