Corner trimmer 50 mm Tapetech


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Description of the Tapetech 50 mm corner trimmer:

The function of the 50 mm Tapetech corner finisher is to leave both edges of the paste on the internal corners perfectly smooth, in one pass.

Remove excess paste from inside corners.

Embed the tape from inside corners on walls as well as ceilings.

Possibility of using it for internal wall-to-wall corners or wall-to-ceiling corners. Finish off the inside corners of walls and ceilings

Tapetech Corner Trimmer 50mm attaches to a Corner Applicator (CA07TT or CA08TT) or MudRunner® 14TT to quickly and professionally finish drywall inside corners.

The 40TT 50mm Corner Trimmer is often used with the FHTT or XHTT Handle as part of the taping process to embed tape into corners and remove excess joint paste after the 15TTE Corner Roller.

Use with FHTT or XHTT handles – Not included.

Characteristics of the Tapetech 50 mm corner finisher:

  • stainless steel frames
  • Patented positive ball detent

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