EasyRoll® Tapetech corner finisher


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EasyRoll® Tapetech Corner Trimmer Description:

The EasyRoll® Tapetech Corner Trimmer is used to perfectly smooth both edges of the paste for inside corner joints in one pass.

Corner trimmers can be used for inside wall-to-wall corners or wall-to-ceiling corners.

Also popular as angle finishers, Corner Finishers attach to a Corner Applier (CA07TT or CA08TT) or MudRunner® 14TT to quickly and professionally finish drywall inside corners.

EasyRoll® Adjustable Corner Tapers have wheels to provide the smoothest possible action on the wall and are spring loaded to help compensate for slightly uneven corners.

Use with FHTT or XHTT handles – Not included.

Features of the EasyRoll® Tapetech Corner Trimmer:

  • Stainless steel frames.
  • Patented positive ball detent.
  • EasyRoll wheels.
  • Adjustable springs.

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