Joint paste applicator roller for interior corners of l'outil parfait


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Description of the joint paste applicator roller for interior corners of l'outil parfait:

Special angular coating roller Roll Enduit® with frame, manufactured by L'Outil Parfait.

It offers the possibility of painting the corners and speeds up the application time by 3 compared to traditional methods.

Constant plaster thickness and therefore perfect flatness. The high elasticity of the fiber allows the coating to be retained without hardening, and for it to reproduce evenly on the substrate.

Cleaning is easy and is done with water.

Technical description :

- 18 mm black polyamide fibers.

- High resistance.

Before first use it is recommended to comb the roller by hand to remove loose fibers from the production process.

To ensure that the roller is already free of loose fibers, it is recommended that you stick the masking tape to the roller and peel it off.

The above steps will ensure that any loose fibers stay in your hand or on the tape.

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