Acrylic sealer PATTEX Acryl 1 300ML


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Description of PATTEX 300ML Acrylic Sealant:

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Low displacement joint sealant. Perfect for sealing windows, frames or cracks.

Plastic-elastic sealing putty and a single component, it is ideal for sealing interior joints, joints with little movement and general repair of walls, cracks as well as ceilings.

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Attributes: adherence to the vast majority of construction materials, whether they are metals or plastics. Easy application and smoothing. It can be painted over.

Application joints:

  • Joints concrete like cement
  • Joints of fiber cement roofs and tiles
  • Joints between walls and wood
  • Joints of precast partitions
  • Sealing of frame-obr
  • General sealing of interior carpentry
  • Sealed in visible work
  • Finishing between electrical boxes, wood, moldings, strips, pavements... to ceilings and walls.
  • Bonding of polystyrene plates
  • Repair of cracks, plaster moldings and fissures.


Aerated concrete, concrete, bricks, plaster, fiber cement, interior aluminum, stone, wood, tiles, polystyrene, laminates.

Other supports must be previously tested.

300 ML per bottle.

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