Support for installation in PYL Solidperfil structures


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Description of the support for installation in PYL Solidperfil structures:

Download the assembly instructions here.

It is part of the panel fastening systems. This fastening is placed at the ends of the panels. It can also be used to measure the depth of the panel to be fixed.

24 units per box.

Size: 168 height X 48/70 width X 44 depth mm.

0.6MM density.

Made with galvanized steel.

Instructions for use:

1. Mark and cut always keeping the safety zone.

2. Install by entering from the side.

If, when placing the support in the partition where the first plasterboard is located, the fixing screw does not allow the support to enter, there are two solutions:
1. Remove the screw 2. Trim the support

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