FISCHER nylon expansion plug 6 x 30mm


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Description of the FISCHER nylon expansion plug 6 x 30mm:

Its quadruple expansion allows the force to be optimally distributed in any material.

Nylon offers security and longevity for fastening, thanks to its high quality.

The plug stands out for its great versatility, as it can be used both for masonry and for fixing interior ornaments.

The built-in lip prevents sinking of the plug, making it ideal for porous or pre-drilled materials.

  • Quadruple expansion optimizes force distribution within the material, as well as offering high load capacities in hollow and solid materials.
  • Its neck, free of expansion, makes it impossible to create expansion forces on the surface of the materials during screwing. This prevents damage to plaster and tiles.
  • Its pronounced edge makes it impossible for the connector to slide into the hole, thus facilitating installation.
  • Lightning
  • Wardrobes
  • motion detectors
  • Baseboards
  • light shelves
  • mirrored cabinets
  • mailboxes
  • tv furniture
  • bars
  • Folding doors
  • bathroom assemblies
Construction materials:
  • Concrete
  • vertically perforated brick
  • Hollow lightweight concrete blocks
  • Brick and concrete floor slabs
  • Sandstone brick with perforation
  • solid sandstone brick
  • dense natural stone
  • aerated concrete
  • solid gypsum board
  • Solid brick made of lightweight concrete
  • solid brick

100 or 1000 units per box.

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