FISCHER nylon dowel 6 x 30mm (DUOPOWER)


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Description of the FISCHER nylon dowel 6 x 30mm (DUOPOWER):

This product offers great support thanks to its two components; First of all, its nylon component activates, depending on the mounting material, three principles of activity: blocking, expansion and knotting, thus improving support. Secondly, its expansion wing on the red components ensures safe expansion and provides extra security for the nylon components.

The screw rotates easily and the final extraction does not present any difficulties. The screw does not turn too much. The lip located on the head of the plug prevents the plug from sinking during the drilling process.

  • Furniture
  • Lightning
  • shelves
  • mirror cabinets
  • mailboxes
  • Picture
  • blind fastening
  • curtain rails
  • sink fasteners
  • Plumbing and heating fasteners
  • bathroom assemblies
  • wall cabinets
  • Extractor hoods
Construction materials:
  • Concrete
  • solid brick
  • solid sandstone brick
  • aerated concrete
  • vertically perforated brick
  • Perforated Sandstone Brick
  • Plasterboard
  • Drywall and gypsum fiberboard
  • Hollow lightweight concrete blocks
  • Slabs for bricks, concrete or similar
  • Natural stone
  • chipboard panels
  • solid gypsum board
  • Solid brick made of lightweight concrete

Assembly instructions:

  • Its two materials and its operating abilities broaden the range of applications for medium-high loads.
  • The length of the required screw is deduced from: length of the plug + thickness to be fixed + length of the diameter of the screw.
  • Perfect for both wood screws and chipboard screws.
  • If it is used to fix boards, the unthreaded part of the screw must be less than the thickness.

100 units per box.

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