INDEX self-drilling metal-metal screw


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SKU: RSZ3513

Description of flattened head zinc-plated INDEX screw for automatic drilling:

Download the product sheet here.

Screw with automatic thread to assemble all types of materials on metallic materials.

500 units per box.

3.5 x 13mm diameter.

Composition of heat-treated steel.

Flat head screw.

They have a drill point that saves the previous drilling of the material to work.

self tapping

Galvanized cover that protects the steel and provides it with greater resistance against erosion.


-For materials of:

  • aluminum carpentry
  • heavy profile sheet metal
  • common veneer

-Covered with a layer of zinc.

-Phillips footprint

-Flat head

-drill tip


-It is recommended to use for:

  • posters
  • couple sheets
  • refrigerators
  • profiles
  • bars

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