Can-Am 42" Paste Applicator Tube


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SKU: A300

Can-Am 42" Paste Applicator Tube Description:

Allows for quick paste application through applicator heads and direct corner finishers.

This tool supplies a smooth, precise and uniform paste flow for taping, finishing inside corners, flats.

These CanAm seamless anodized aluminum paste applicator tubes are designed for optimum performance, professional use, quick disassembly, easy cleaning and long life.

The plaster tube feeds the plaster into the heads of your choice (loaders, straighteners, finishers) with a simple push on the handle.

The 106.7 cm A300 model is recommended for standard and heavy use.

Can-Am tubes enhance the corner finishing process with a smooth, precise and even flow of plaster for great results.

The syringes are made of anodized aluminum (body and shaft) and have no seams for a long useful life, and are light and robust tools.

These casing tubes can be completely disassembled for quick and easy cleaning.

Compatible with the finishing heads, rinsers or loading heads of other major brands of automatic belt machines.

Manufacturing: All Can-Am finishing tools are designed and manufactured in Canada.

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