Can-Am Gasket Paste Applicator


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Can-Am Gasket Paste Applicator Description :

The 3" (7.62 cm) flat applicator head is used for flat joints.

The applicator provides just the right layer of paste to quickly fill flat surfaces and joints.

Its simplicity makes it very easy to use and manipulate.

Can-Am Gasket Paste Applicator Features:

Reliable application of joint compound to flat surfaces with CanAm Tool's Flat Surface Applicator Head; easy sliding and compatibility with common corner tubes and boxes.

Primary tool in a taping tool kit for applying compounds; Fits all CanAm Tool composite mud tubes, with the included easy-clip retaining spring.

The Can-Am Gasket Paste Applicator is made in Canada with a high-grade, lightweight aluminum body and premium-grade stainless steel shoes.

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