Tapetech Charge Pump


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Tapetech Charge Pump Description

The Tapetech 76TT EasyClean® TapeTech charging pump is characterized by its high reliability and innovative technology.

It features rugged construction for reliable performance and long life.

It has a newly developed head and pedal swivel foot valve that engages securely and is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.

The Tapetech charging pump guarantees excellent sealing and eliminates problems caused by lost, worn or damaged paper seals. The 76TT pump can be equipped with the standard 85T elbow and 90T fill adapter.

Refills automatic tapers (with 85T gooseneck)

Fills finishing boxes, MudRunner®, corner applicators and stud finders (with 90T charging adapter)

For backfilling finish boxes, MudRunner®, corner applicators and nail fillers (90T backfill adapter required).

Tapetech Charge Pump Features:

  • Twist-lock foot valve.
  • Integrated gasket for charging adapter and gooseneck.
  • Optimized head design.
  • Easy cleaning tube.
  • Gold anodized for durability.

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