Head 20 x 20 CM for sanding of l'outil parfait


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Description of the head 20 x 20 CM for sanding of l'outil parfait:

ErgoLiss flat sanding head for finishing your walls.

In the 20 x 20 CM sanding head of l'outil parfait, a foam pad can be easily inserted to increase the quality of the sanding, as it molds to the surface.

Sandpaper or mesh consumables are very easily attached to the pad.

Its square shape and foam are very practical for regular sanding with little pressure.

The suction system of the 20 x 20 CM head for sanding by l'outil parfait allows you to connect the suction hose to reduce dust and prevent clogging of abrasives.

The foam handle and self-adhesive face allow you to work easily and comfortably with the ability to quickly change your abrasives.

Package contains 1 hand flat sanding block.

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