Metal reinforced joint tape from PYL


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Description of PYL metal reinforced joint tape:

The tape, reinforced with a metallic foil, provides a special treatment for plasterboard joints (pyl) that results in a smooth and homogeneous finish.

PYL's metallically reinforced joint tape , 30ml, is easy to dispose of and highly durable, thanks to its anti-damp process and the fibers that make it up.

It provides great protection to the joints of the plates at vertices and sharp edges.

The adherence of the metallically reinforced tape for PYL joints has been improved thanks to the mechanical treatment that both parts of the tape have received.

The micro perforations made on the paper help the evacuation of air during the taping process.

The metallized sheets, previously treated to prevent erosion, have been heat-fixed to achieve perfect verticality.

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