PATTEX PL-600 extra-adherent glue 300ML


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Description of PATTEX PL-600 extra-adherent glue 300ML:

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PATTEX PL-600 extra-adherent glue 300ML for extra-adherent installations and immediate hold. It can be used to paste directly or indirectly.

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Characteristics: PATTEX PL-600 extra-adherent glue 300ML adheres to the vast majority of components. It can be filled and painted. Holds in vertical extensions. Both for interior and exterior. Waterproof.

Resistance: 60 kg /cm2 (standard DIN EN 204 wood).

This product is designed for multiple fast and safe fastening jobs. Sticks to hard, soft and tropical wood . It can also be used with MDF, plywood and chipboard.

PATTEX PL-600 extra-adherent glue 300ML is used both to join wood together, and to other surfaces such as stone, ceramic, metal, plaster, plaster, concrete, plastic, cork or high-density polystyrene. The porosity of the surface is not an impediment to the use of the glue. Even so, a higher resistance is obtained when at least one of the surfaces is porous.

PATTEX PL-600 extra-adherent glue 300ML is excellent for mounting and fixing:

  • panels.
  • Window and door frames.
  • Baseboards, profiles, skirting boards, slats and wainscoting.
  • Stairs and railings.
  • Cable glands, luminous covers, boxes and electrical panels.
  • Squares and decorative strips.
  • Cabinet linings.

Mode of application of PATTEX PL-600 glue extra-adherent 300ML :

  • Use on surfaces clean of any residue.
  • The glue must be used on surfaces with temperatures above 5 °C
  • The mouth of the cartridge must be cut up to the thread, to screw the cannula later.
  • Cut the bit of the cannula diagonally taking into account the desired diameter.
  • Place the cartridge in the gun and apply.
  • The glue can be applied in very thin strips or in dots.
  • To adhere both parts you have to press them together making light movements and making sure that the surfaces are in contact with the glue.

It is advisable to use a clamp in case of fixing heavy pieces.

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