Elevator plates Levpano I Roger Mondelin Maximum Height 4.5M


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Description of the Levpano I Roger Mondelin Plate Elevator Maximum Height 4.5M:

Lift panel Levpano I Roger Mondelin Maximum Height 4.5M for placement on horizontal ceilings and on sloped ceilings.

Maximum placement height of the horizontal plate: 4.5 m

Indexing every 10 cm. (Proprietary).

Minimum placement height of 1.45 m.

Central arms for the placement of 3 panel formats: 0.60 m, 0.90 m and 1.20 m. (Proprietary).

Brake system integrated in the anti-recoil hand winch fixed on the steering handle 0.90m and 1.20m. (Proprietary).

Patented safety system: - 1 Work cable + 1 Anti-fall safety cable. . In accordance with CE standards and European directive 2006/42/CE. . Conformity examination carried out by an official entity: SOCOTEC.

Excellent maintenance and great protection of any size plate thanks to the 2 central arms equipped with retractable covers and 2 telescopic arms.

Telescopic and folding arms pivoting at 360° with a locking system thanks to the 6 sides of the device.

It is possible to pass the Levpano I Roger Mondelin Maximum Height 4.5M plate lifter through a 0.73m door without having to fold the base.

Easy transport: only 3 elements.

4 wheels, 2 of which have a brake system.

Weight of the Levpano Plate Lift I Roger Mondelin Maximum Height 4.5M: 47 kg.

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