TAJIMA dispenser container for 25mm blades


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SKU: LCB-65 / 7224S65

Description of the TAJIMA dispenser container for 25mm blades:

These refills increase the longevity of your cutter.

Spare blades for TAJIMA brand cutters. With these 25 mm wide blades you can make very precise cuts on a multitude of surfaces. The blades mount quickly and easily whenever a blade change is required. They are sold in packages of 10 units.

Features TAJIMA dispenser container with 25mm blades:

-Code : 7224S65


-LCB-50 blade.

-25 mm wide blade for complex jobs

-10 blades

-Total length 126 mm. Blade inclination 60º.

-7 cutting segments of 14 mm.

-Thickness 0.7 mm.

-Dispenser container.

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