DecoLiss interior corner finisher l'outil parfait


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Description of l'outil parfait DecoLiss interior corner finisher:

DecoLiss Corner Finisher 10 cm, made by L'Outil Parfait.

The DecoLiss l'outil parfait interior corner finisher makes it easy to tighten and smooth the joining strips.

The slightly open angle, flexibility of the blade, as well as the spring effect of the ball and socket system, allow the finisher to accommodate most right angle joints.

Technical details of l'outil parfait DecoLiss Interior Corner Finisher:

- Heel to place the angle of application on the 2 outer sides.
- Blade of hardened stainless steel, 0.7 mm and with turned edges.
- The product is mounted on a ball joint to choose the working angle.

The corner finisher adapts to all extension handles with Clip System, sold separately in associated products.

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