LED spotlight with frame 30W/50W/100W


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Description of 30W/50W/100W Framed LED Spotlight:

LED spotlight with 50W frame. and 4500 lumens. Moving focus of action and high power led.

It has a two-piece tubular steel frame and a 1.5 m H05RN-F 3G X 0.75 mm cable.

Maximum voltage of 230V, and with a duration of 30,000-50,000 hours.

Features of the 30W/50W/100W LED frame spotlight:

LED spotlight with frame.

High power LEDs.

Movable action spotlight, two-piece tubular steel frame.

1.5m H05RN-F 3G X 0.75mm cable.

Maximum voltage: 230 V.

Duration: 30,000-50,000 hours.

Power of 30W/50W/100W - 2,600/4,500/8,500 Lumens

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