LEDLENSER SL-PRO Blister Flashlights


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Description of LEDLENSER SL-PRO Blister Flashlights:

Available in four visible amounts of light: 25 Lm/110 Lm/220 Lm/300 Lm

Light weight

Illumination power of 100 lumens with an impressive duration time.

Focus on the essentials: maximum usability and solid construction.

Its robust aluminum construction protects against scratches and splashes of water.

High performance at an unbeatable price.

"Low Power" and "Full Power" lighting settings for greater flexibility.

Efficient tool with an incredible run time of 50 hours

High-end LEDLENSER SL-PRO Blister flashlights to reach a distance of 60/100/180/250 meters depending on the model.

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