BEISSIER Aguaplast pen ready-to-use light putty 250/750 ML


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Description of BEISSIER Aguaplast pen ready-to-use light putty 250/750 ML:

Download the technical sheet here.


-Surfaces of plaster, cement, concrete, wood, polystyrene,...interior or exterior.

-To fill cavities with ease.

-For the repair of ceilings and walls, whether they are drill holes, cracks or fissures.

-For the repair of projections and fragments of expanded polystyrene.

-For quick smoothing in thin layers, as a finish before painting.


-Great filling capacity.

-Does not erode application surfaces.

-Immediate painting, except when paints with solvents are used. If this is the case, it is necessary to wait between 24 and 48 hours.

-Easy to sand.

-Does not stain or fall off.

-Fast drying in a thin layer.

-Adheres easily to any type of support.

-Clean white finish.

-Available in cans of two sizes.


It is necessary to moisten the supports beforehand if they are very dry. Its application is not recommended at temperatures below 5°C. Nor is it convenient to apply it to permanently wet supports. The container must be kept tightly closed and safe from extreme temperatures.

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