SOLIDPERFIL galvanized support panel for PYL installations


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Description of the galvanized SOLIDPERFIL support panel for PYL installations:

Download the technical sheet here.

Complement for holding any type of assembly. With a special mold, it increases the fixing of the wall assemblies.

No need to change tools. It can be placed with the same tools for assembling partitions and linings.

No setting required. Easy installation, without movements or changes of position.

Once the first faces and structures are in place, everything can be installed in its final place, providing great continuity.

The fastening is fully secured with the use of flanges and/or screws.

The thickness of the installation can be regulated before installing the plate.

The installations are placed very quickly, which speeds up construction time.

12 units per box.

Two sizes: 149 height X 345/555 width X 9 depth MM.

0.8MM thickness.

Made with galvanized steel.


  • Place supports on the sides of the panel, if possible, first fixing a support, placing the panel, adjusting the length and then placing the remaining support.

  • Bend the fixing tabs.
  • Graduate the depth fixing the panel with MM screws.

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