Roger Mondelin aluminum platform 125x42 CM max load. 150KG + tool holder


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Description of the Roger Mondelin Aluminum Platform 125x42 CM max. 150 KG + tool holder:

Lightweight aluminum platform, easy to fold and move.

Includes a transport handle for the 125 x 42 CM model.

Platform height: 49 CM.

Maximum working height: 249 CM.

Work platform in non-slip plywood with a thickness of 9 MM.

Robust fitting by crimping and robotic welding in molded aluminum and aluminum profiles with a thickness of 2 MM.

Double locking in the opening by fixing with a pin and support of the uprights.


Design with non-slip plastic stops.

Aluminum tubes and steps of 370 x 90 m. .

Payload: 150 kg.

Optional tool holder:

The tool holder is equipped with a screwdriver holder, a roll holder for joint or adhesive masking tape and a removable container for coatings.

Max load: 50 kg.

Weight: 5 kg.

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