Flusher Adjustable CanAm Corner Finisher


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SKU: B1100

CanAm Adjustable Flusher Corner Finisher Description:

Adjustable from 72 ° to 135 °. Available in different sizes.

Incorporating Gold Anodized Runners with in-line wheels, these premium corner finishers are designed to clean, smooth and finish both sides of a 90° inside angle in a single pass, with minimal cleaning or sanding required.

Setting tabs deliver a fast, consistent finish every time, while hardened cleaning blades and stainless steel guides finish at countless angles.

They are made from lightweight aluminum, which effortlessly connects to the Flusher handles.

The Roller Runners' patented design reduces friction for a smoother glide across the angle; avoiding squeal and rolling on wet flat belts without snagging.

Indicated for the initial coating of the paper tape.

Technical characteristics:

  • Unique shirring and feathering action.
  • Glides easily over small imperfections, saving costly damage.
  • Efficient design that increases resistance.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades for unmatched strength and durability.
  • Adjusts to any angle between 72° and 135°.
  • Goes over both sides of an angle and feathers in a single pass, leaving a consistent, smooth surface that requires little or no sanding.
  • It requires less push to clear corners compared to other fixed angle finishers.

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